Jeff was born in Scott City, Kansas on November 28, 1949. Jeff has lived in Missouri for 54 years. His family moved here when he was 8 years old. He attended Ed.V. Williams Elementary School, Reed Junior High School and Hillcrest High School. Growing up on a small acreage just at the edge of Springfield, Missouri, Jeff would get up early every morning, milk the few cows they had, feed the chickens, and collect the eggs, and run the milk through an old cream separator before catching the bus to school. After school or basketball practice, he then would do the chores again before finishing the day.
Most of Jeff's family are farmers in Northwest Kansas around Garden City Kansas. At the age of 14,15 and 16 Jeff would travel to Kansas, by bus,and worked there every summer for his relatives in helping them farm, harvest the crops, running tractors, combines, working cattle, whatever they needed him to do.
     At the age of 16 Jeff started working after school at the Holiday Inn in Springfield, Missouri, learning to be a chef. That is where he met is wife Wanda, who was a waitress. Jeff and his wife Wanda were married in Hartville Missouri in 1968. They have been married for 43 years and have two sons, Jeffrey and Eric.
     Jeff joined the Navy in 1969, after boot camp he attended the Navy Electronics School in Middleton Tennessee. Upon completion of the school Jeff was stationed at Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas, where he repaired and serviced the aircraft electronics equipment for the training squadrons at Corpus Christi, Beeville and Kingsville, Texas. Jeff served 4 years and was honorably discharged in 1973. Upon being discharged from the Navy, Jeff worked for Civil Service for 2 years before moving back to Springfield, Missouri.
Jeff has now lived in Republic, Missouri for 26 years with his wife Wanda. After returning to Springfield, Jeff worked a short while for Zenith at their manufacturing facility. He then went to work in the Insurance business for 3 years, where he worked his way up to Missouri State manager. After that Jeff went to work for a water well pump manufacturer as a salesman quickly moving up to branch manager. Jeff was working for the pump manufacturer when he decided. at the age of 32, to go into business for himself, and started Messenger Well Drilling and Pump Service. Jeff quickly became one of the most respected water well drilling and pump companies in Southwest Missouri. Drilling water wells and servicing water well pumps for residential systems as well as more complicated commercial applications.
     Jeff served on the Missouri Water Well Association Board for several years as Secretary where he worked with the Department of Natural Resources. While on the Missouri Water Well Association Board, Jeff helped in implementing guidelines and rules on procedures and methods of drilling water wells to help conserve our ground water for future generations. Jeff owned and operated Messenger Well Drilling and Pump Service for 22 years until he sold it in late 2003.
     Jeff then purchased Kessler Heasley Artificial Limb Co. in early 2004 and still operates it today. After 6 years of continued growth in his new company him and his wife were recognized by the State of Missouri as the 2010 small business owners of the year. Jeff and his family were invited to Washington D.C. where he met many other small business owners and set in on various different workshops pertaining to growing your small business.
     Since purchasing Kessler Heasley Artificial Limb Co. Jeff has expanded his Springfield, Missouri facility by acquiring another company like his in Springfield and Monett. Jeff is in the process of building another full time facility in Joplin,Missouri. Since being involved in Kessler Heasley Artificial Limb Co. Jeff has been able to increase his knowledge in the benefits as well as the pitfalls of Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance, and understands the frustration for individuals when it comes to insurance coverage. Jeff serves on the local board for the American Diabetes Association, he has been an active member for 2 years. He is the CEO of Kessler Heasley Artificial Limb Co. Jeff serves as president of Full Comfort Shoes, which provides shoes and inserts for people with diabetes.
     Jeff decided several years ago he wanted to get involved in politics. He feels he has the experience and the know how it will take in Jefferson City to get the job done. Jeff has proven he knows how to run a business, he is a self motivated individual and is well respected in the community. Jeff has not only worked for companies but has owned his own company, which gives him a particular insight that few in politics have.
Jeff knows that a short biography like this is only part of the story and in no way tells you everything about the man you want to know. That is why he invites anyone or any organization to contact him at so you can get together with him to learn more about him and so he can learn more about what you or your organization would want from your representative.