2014 District 130 Endorsements

Only candidate endorsed by Missouri Right to Life
Only candidate endorsed by the Missouri State Teachers Association
Only candidate endorsed by the Missouri National Education Association
Only candidate endorsed by the NRA

A perfect 100% voting record on the issues that affect small business reported by the National Federation of Independent Business.

     August 2016 is a very important election for District 130. It is a vote that will decide if we are to control our destiny or leave our decisions in the hands of special interest groups and a rich billionaire in St.Louis Missouri.  During this election you have been hearing a lot about me and other Representatives and what we have been doing in Jefferson City that are distorted and false accusations. It seems that if you don't like what a candidate is doing you fabricate untruths and advertise misleading information in order to get what you want.
     It is up to each and everyone in District 130 to decide, do we want to control our District or leave it in the hands of special interest groups and rich billionaires.

     Thanks again for all the support and don't forget to vote August, 2016 in the primary election. This election is the most important election District 130 has had in a very long time.
Jeff Messenger, Republican Candidate 
  Create Jobs                                        Create A Fair Tax Code
  Pro-Life 100%                                   Supports The Right To Bear Arms
  Constitutional Conservative              Defends Individual Liberty
  Cut Job-Killing Red Tape  
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                                                                                    Missouri Government is

It's time for Missouri to elect new leaders who will get down to the business of solving our Missouri's problems. As a Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur, I work every day managing and planning for the future. Now, Missouri needs a lesson in financial planning. I will go to Jefferson City with a plan of action that will help return us to prosperity, help create jobs and help restore the American Dream.

It will be my honor and privilege to serve you in the House of Representatives.

Jeff Messenger

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